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Emily in Paris Phone Case

Image Source: Netflix

I love the Emily in Paris series, particularly Season 1....and I just NEEDED to have that phone case she has - I love retro cameras and since our phones tend to me our cameras now most of the time it's a perfect combination. After much trawling through the web last year I finally found the exact case on Amazon. It's a brand called 'Awsaccy' and it is not that expensive even with import fees to other countries. I get so many comments on the case still, even here in Paris! The only negative is that the case is 3D so it is not flat to easily put in a car mount in the car though if you have apple CarPlay that isn't too much of an issue. The case can be easily removed if needed and it also actually comes with a strap which is super handy.

Here is the link to all the different phone sizes

Image Source:

But be warned people will stop you and ask where you got your case from or that comment how fabulous it is!


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