Thermomix Macaroni Cheese - Super Easy!

Have been fiddling with this recipe for a while - my kids are going through a fussy stage not eating much when they used to eat anything and everything. I've started adding 2 ham steaks cut up so they have some meat in the dish as well - this can be omitted or substituted for another meat.


2 ham steaks diced (I live in NZ and love the Leonard's ones)

200g macaroni (dry not cooked)

200g milk

200g water

100g cheese - Colby is good as it melts nicely

I use the TM5 machine

Cook diced ham steaks for 10 mins, 100 degrees, reverse speed stir

Add macaroni, milk and water and cook for 10 mins, 100 degrees reverse speed stir

Add cheese, cook 3 minutes, 90 degrees reverse speed stir.


After the kids ate some and remembered I'd made pies the other night, they asked for macaroni cheese pies done in the pie maker.....interesting combo but there were no leftovers - winning! I use the Sunbeam Pie Magic Snack 2 Up - photo is before putting the tops on the pies.

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