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Favourite Makeup Brushes

I love makeup brushes - I got my first true taste of the wonders of makeup brushes whilst working for Chanel whilst I was studying at University. We were able to get 'free goods' twice a year from their ranged and I used up the bulk of my allocation on buying this beautiful brush set back when the brushes were made from I recall sable hair. I 'lost' (aka couldn't find) most of these brushes during numerous moves we have made over the years but after doing a huge clean out prior to our Paris move have found most of them. Synthetic brushes these days are super soft but using one of the old Chanel brushes with my blusher the other day I achieved a gorgeous finish and was thrilled to have them back in my collection. The handles are wooden and painted in black and the word 'CHANEL' is stamped into the handle not just printed so it can't be scratched off. It felt kind of magical running my finger along the stamp, feeling the grooves and knowing it would have taken much more time and effort than today's world of mass production. It's quality you just don't find these days and I wish 20 something year old me had taken better care to keep them as a set!

My go to brush sets I always seem to reach for now are by 'Real Techniques'. You can pick them up on sale (I always try to buy everything on sale....I think it makes me feel better since there are certain items that never go on Louis Vuitton!)

Amazon and iherb regularly have sales on these brushes - how many brushes are in your collection?


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