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The Glitzy Housewife

Let's pop the champagne and get this page started!

I'm Michelle, otherwise known as 'The Glitzy Housewife'. This name came to be as I started being called this as wherever we moved I always wore my sparkles, it didn't matter if we were living in a country town or a big city. I certainly haven't lived the conventional life I thought I had planned out. After nearing completion of my legal studies I turned down a job at a big law firm to accept a job as a flight attendant and haven't look back. I just wasn't ready to be in an office with my main focus being on billable hours when I could travel. I met my husband, did some postgraduate studies to become a teacher but since having children my main role has been that of a housewife.

I love cooking, getting dressed up, makeup, craft, organising, having dinner parties and of course having fun. The thing I love most though is working how to do things the most simple way. I love getting dressed up but I can also get my makeup done in 5 minutes, I love cooking but know how to create a super simple meal that doesn't cost a fortune and I love doing anything to do with craft. I have only realised recently that craft isn't just making things with paper but building or making anything. The 'man cave' is really just craft for men - making things and tinkering about!

I'd classify myself as both an introvert and an extrovert - I am super comfortable just staying at home and doing my own thing or going to the cinema by myself - bliss! But then I'm also the one that will put my hand up to do things like do plus size modelling in New Zealand fashion week, take part in a fashion shoot or wear a tonne of sparkles when everyone else is wearing black.

I do hope you'll follow along as I take photos, upload to the blog and start filming some videos for my youtube account. I've had the accounts all just sitting there for years and procrastinating....I am amazing at doing that!!

Much glitz

Michelle xx

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